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It is often said that 'children are the Church of the future', but at St Mary's we believe that - more importantly - children are the Church of today! We welcome children and young people of all ages to all aspects of our church life including our worship. 

We do recognise, however, that church worship can seem 'boring' for young folk and keeping children entertained whilst parents or guardians try to worship is no mean feat. Whilst we don't believe in excluding any child from any of our services, we do try to cater for their needs by providing a play room and a 'break out space'. 


Nursing mothers are welcome and encouraged to feed their babies whenever and wherever they wish.


JUNIOR CHURCHcurrently under review.


The 9th Ilford (St Mary's) units of the guide movement for girls meet in St Mary's Community Hall weekly during school term time. For more information about guiding generally, follow this link to the Guide Movement's website.


Rainbows: (ages 5-7) meet on Wednesdays from 5pm-6pm. Rainbows are the youngest members of the Guiding family. Rainbows offer a range of indoor and outdoor activities for the girls to have fun with and to develop as individuals. There is a small weekly charge to cover materials for activities and membership insurance. 9th Ilford contact: Penny Wallace / 020 8924 0060.


Brownies: (ages 7-10)  meet on Tuesdays from 6pm-7.30pm. Brownies have many adventures both at the meeting place and out and about. There is usually a unit holiday each year when the pack goes away to a Brownie house owned by the Guide Association. Brownie subscriptions are £13 per term. 9th Ilford contact: Penny Wallace / 020 8924 0060.


Guides: (ages 10-14) meet on Fridays from 6.30pm-8.30pm. 9th Ilford contact: 

Tina Kew /  07876 702 472.

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